Starting Fresh

The blog-o-sphere coverage of our wedding has been wonderful:

City Lady Country Girl- a newer blog that is FULL of eye candy!


Sloboda's Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes

and last but not least, one of my favorite bloggers....
Thoughtful Day

Now that I have had a wonderful and restful break (almost 9 months- wow!), I am moving forward and "nesting".

Craven Home is where I will be posting my inspiration and documenting my new endeavour- a teeny tiny ceramics business. Mostly an Etsy shop (to be up soon!). I am hoping I can provide very simple, affordable, and functional ceramics for the home, as well as events.

This adventure would not have started if I was not inspired to create for my own wedding by all of the amazing talent blogging out there (see my blog line-up). To all of you ladies, THANK YOU!
Please continue to ask any questions about A Farm Fresh Wedding and see what is new with me over at Craven Home.

1 comment:

thoughtful day said...

hey christina! let me know when you start your etsy shop - congrats!


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