Um... why does the first pair have to have a 4 INCH heel!? Looking for a sexy pair of lower heeled shoes. Do they exist?

Pics from Piperlime.com, top to bottom: Claudia Cuiti, Nine West, Delman

Groom Me Please!

So... another wonderful element of the wedded couple was their undeniable sea breeze style. Erica's dress was perfect for a day outdoors and Patrick's Gucci suit fit him to tailored perfection.
AC is still on the prowl for his wedding suit, he is definitely looking for a similar slimmer fitting style.

A Very Thoughtful Day

Erica, of Thoughtful Day, and Patrick were married in Jamaica last week. The pictures are spectacular; it looks as though it was a fun and fancy-free time. Erica has been really helpful with a few of my wedding details- she is an inspirational wedding planner in addition to a gorgeous bride! The next 2 posts are from her Big Jamaican, Very Thoughtful Day.

Black Heart

Our invitation designs are done. AC and I sweated over them for a few weeks, and they are now out of our hands and into Coeur Noir's. Alex there has been more than a printer- he's helped organize so many little wedding practicalities. Letterpress printer extraordinaire! They are on Wythe and N5th in Williamsburg.

At Auto

So, I walked to Auto during lunch in search of a wedding band. There were a number of rings that I absolutely loved. The three below (the last not really a wedding band, but so much fun!) are absolutely gorgeous. 1-Kaoru Gold Champagne ring, 2- Lauren Wolf Urchin ring, 3- Andrea Corson Caviar ring. All available at Auto.
Besides these below, I was truly taken with two jewelry designers there... Sarah McGuire, out of Chicago, and Hannah Clark, right here in NYC.

Christian Tortu

I work in Chelsea, so I took a leisurely lunchtime stroll over to the Meat Packing District to browse for wedding bands (namely Auto, see next post).

Next to Auto is a wonderful place, Banchet Flowers. In the window was this vase by Christian Tortu that I remembered seeing online at Rose and Radish (they are still available here). They are a little expensive but if you are having a smaller wedding with a few tables or a single banquet table- they are stunning.
Images: below- me, below below- Rose and Radish

From the Bottom of My Heart

This is old hat, but I am really drawn to this heart pendant posted last month on Brooklyn Bride and last week on Something Old, Something New- yes, I'm makin' the rounds.

A silver anatomical heart with "Ab Imo Pectore" engraved at the bottom. I think I would use it as a charm on something other than a necklace, but it is a sweet little gift for the groom. It is available here at Supermarket.

When I saw it, it reminded me of a Valentine's Day card I made for AC a few years ago (pictured below).

Much Ado About Stamps

I sent out our Save the Dates with the new Pollination stamps- how perfect for a Farm Affair! I might just use them again for the invitations...

When I found those at The Postal Store, I came across these tropical fruit stamps that would be great for an island destination wedding.
Of course we could always Zazzle an adorable picture of Molly. Either of these would work.


Last but not least, is Brooklyn resident Love Jenna. Word is she can doodle you a little creature in addition to your names and addresses. The example fonts below are just a few of the ones shown on her blog. Choosing one calligrapher will be a tough decision with these talents available!


A few months ago this calligrapher/artist blew up all over the blogs (Brooklyn Bride, Thoughtful Day, and d*s). No one I have seen has done whimsy as beautifully as Betsy Dunlap. These are 2 examples taken from her website.


There are so many calligraphers out there. Very few take their type to another level and strive to do more than just everyday calligraphy. These next 3 posts show the best I have come across.

Below are examples of the work of Pretty Pen Jen. These pictures are from her website- and do not even represent half of her available fonts.

Cake in Your Mouth, Not in Your Face

We have AMAZING Baker's Men (Jay and Victor) at Lulu's Bakery in Scarsdale, NY.
Not only do they try their hardest to use organic ingredients and support local sustainable agriculture- their cakes are true works of art and are absolutely heavenly. We clicked with them right away and they did not shy away from our non-traditional wedding cake visions. In my quest to create our farm-chic confection, these two cakes were the ones that charmed me the most.
above: from the Winter 2008 issue ofInStyle Weddings. below: Wendy Kromer's Magical Forest Cake kit inspired by Martha Stewart's Magical Forest Cake.

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