Ceramics at My Wedding

So the Laura Zindel bread plates are a no-go (they don't have bread plates for dinner...)

BUT, I have made a number of small pieces for the tables myself.
Below are unfired table markers and a tree trunk vase - just a few of many. 17 days to go!

Flower Inspiration

Felix Doolittle

My friend Ali is recently engaged and in the very early stage in her planning. This is all very exciting for me, it gives me an excuse to keep browsing. The Bride's Guide blog, on MarthaStewart.com, posted about Felix Doolittle a while ago. His images are a great! These are just a few of many- from farm, nature, food, and ocean inspired watercolors. Congrats Ali & Pete!
Pics from Felix Doolitle

Little Details

These are a few little details I loved from Lisa & Nick's Wedding at Snippet & Ink. Our Molly is a little too shy to be our ring bearer. Our wedding day is coming up so fast-- my brain is swimming with last minute details.
Their photographer was Lisa Lefkowitz.

Oh, Laura Zindel.

We went to the farm again this last weekend with ours friends Mark and Tawana. Tawana is a fabulous floral designer and is graciously gifting us with her talents for the day. We treated ourselves to the best brunch ever at Blue Hill.

A little known fact: I am a cermic artist after my full time day job (more on that later) and really enjoy a beautiful piece of fired clay.

The bread plate at our place settings were made by Laura Zindel- her studio is in Vermont. Of course I asked if these would be our bread plates for the wedding. The private dining area typically does not use them, but I am insisting. They are simply gorgeous- a fresh little hint of nature at each guest's place. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Pics from Artful Home

Another Blue Hill visit

My parents and brother were in town last week and AC & I took them to see the wedding site and walk around the farm. It was, as usual, tons of fun. Pics from the day taken by me.

Our Registry

We created a wedding registry at Wishpot.com. We chose quite a few things from Velocity Art and Design. The Harry Allen pig is perfect for us newlyweds to save for something special, and the Roost phrenology heads are just fun.
Pics from Velocity Art and Design

This Little Piggy

Was not included in the last post! Picture care of Sarah Sloboda.

Blue Hill Visit

AC and I took our photographer, Sarah Sloboda, up to Blue Hill for the day so she could become acquainted with where the wedding will be and how AMAZING our choice of venue is. We had so much fun. The piglets grow up the forest. On our way to visit them (eating the raspberries growing along the path as we went) a deer bounded past us and chipmunks scurried. We are getting so excited!

Pics by Sarah Sloboda are from her blog

Fancy Farm Weddings before ours...

Having a wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns is simply amazing. It is romantic and fresh, lush and modern all at once. Needless to say, many couples have chosen it for these very reasons. Browsing on Brides.com, I came across this wedding that was designed by the editors of Modern Bride and Michelle Rago at Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley... see more pictures and read all about "A Little Bit Country" here.

Pics from Brides.com

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