Oh...Clay-Pot, Part 2

I picked up AC's ring from The Clay Pot in Brooklyn today. It is gorgeous. They wrapped it up so nice!
I am still on the look out for a pair of earrings (my something blue) for the big day and saw this fun pair by Patricia Locke. They are also VERY affordable.
pics below by me and from www.clay-pot.com/

Bring That Beat Back

So, I know there is nothing new about having cameras on the tables ... but I LOVE the idea. I am updating (or back-dating) the idea by using single use LoFi lomography cameras. The series of LoFi cameras that have been born at www.lomography.com are simply f-u-n.

A few of these Lomolitos (each has an optional color filter) and a few of those Rollei (black & white grainy images).

Where the Farm Meets the Forest--FABRIC

Yesterday, I went to Purl Soho to find fabric for a small project I'm doing for the tables at the wedding. I came across these 2 great farm-chic designs that are perfect for my plans.

Pics from top to bottom: Robert Kaufman Forest in Green from http://www.purlsoho.com/; Joel dewberry Woodgrain from http://www.joeldewberry.com/.

The 3 Month Countdown!

It is now 3 months until our wedding.

I was browsing through etsy for various handmade goodies, not even necessarily for the wedding. I happened on playing with wires and other wonders... Etsy shop. These numbers would be great as table markers. Kristin Mays makes words too!
pics above and below from playing with wires and other wonders... Etsy shop

My Wedding Ring or How My Heart Stopped

Two years ago, Andy bought me these earrings (the ones on the left). I love them.

In an earlier post I spoke of really liking the Hannah Clark bands I tried on at Auto. I went straight to the source and met with Hannah in her absolutely adorable East 4th Street store. While I was trying on her great selection of rings (from organic and soft all the way to vintage and sweet), I noticed these very same bunnies displayed on the wall and my heart stopped. I asked her if they were her design, she said yes, and I knew I was in the right place.

Pic from If The Birds Knew - a fabulous blog about everything with excellent posts about music

I still want it!

So, yes, this has been everywhere... magazines, blogs, graffiti. But when you go in the Jonathan Adler store, and see them hanging on the wall in the back (of the SoHo location)- you will covet custom silhouettes of you and your sweetie by Carter Kustera.

I broke down... they are now on my Wishpot wedding registry (along with everyone else's).
Pic below from www.jonathanadler.com

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