The Favors

In one of my first posts I wrote about Breezy Hill Orchard. AC and I have gone there many falls to pick apples. We couldn't think of anything better to send our guests home with. When I called up, Elizabeth Ryan (the owner), she said the pears and plums were sublime too. So, we decided on a local fruit medley with a canvas tote as send-offs. The favors were all wrapped up the burlap sacks, so Sarah (our photographer) didn't get a picture of one of the totes. I took one tonight- we used the design on the back of our Save the Date. We attached mini Moo cards to each burlap bag. The cards had pictures of AC, Molly, and me with a message "Andy and Christina love you" on the back.


Our cake was vanilla cake with a layer of dulce de leche and a buttercream frosting (our blades of grass started to melt it was so buttery!). Many of our guests went back for seconds. The cakemakers at Lulu's (Jay and Victor) were great!
For the cake topper... I found two horse models (an "Arabian" stallion and mare) that were marked with the year AC and I were born. I put a little white paper posey by the ear of the mare to give it a little bit of "bride".

Dinner- The Food, The Centerpieces

The food was heavenly. We really didn't know much about wine, but the Blue Hill sommelier did a wonderful job. We learned a lot about the food we served when we were designing the menu. The staff at Blue Hill was amazing.
I made the animal table markers and many of the vessels (ceramic). We had Jenna Hein, who addressed our invitations, write the names on our place cards.
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Purslane, Tomato sorbet, Summer Fruits, and Homemade Yogurt
paired with Condes de Albarei 'Albarino' Rias Baixas, Spain 2007

Wild Striped Bass with a Pistou of Late Summer Vegetables
paired with E.Dampt 'Chevelier d'Eon' Burgundy, Burgundy 2006

Loin of Lamb with a Stew of Carrots and Bonzai Bok Choy
Peter Dipoli 'Fihl' Merlot Alto Adige, Italy 2002

Stone Barns Cheese Plate
Old world/New World
All pics taken by Sarah Sloboda and the farm animal table markers and bowls were made by me (see Craven Home).

The Space- Tables and the Ceremony

We were so out of sorts because it rained on September 12th. The day ended up feeling stormy and romantic indoors. Tawana truly did such an amazing job. She sourced the logs from her sister-in-law's farm! She was dedicated- and we are grateful!

We downloaded these silhouettes from a copyright free image site and made the escort cards ourselves. I made the corresponding animal silhouettes our of stoneware (see Craven Home).

We didn't want a traditional guest book, so we also made birds in flight note cards (the images taken from our invitations) for our guests to "Tell Us Something Fun".

All pics by Sarah Sloboda

Flowers for People

So, I really have to give so much credit to our friend, Tawana Schlegel, who volunteered her talent to be our floral designer. I really just showed her my inspirations (many on my blog) and told her I wanted everything to be very simple with my whole "farm meets the forest" idea. She was amazing. I felt as though she took images out of my mind and made them real. For the flowers for our family (dads, moms, grandmothers, etc...) we used kermit mums and white clover for the men, and the ladies had lady slipper orchids.

My bouquet was all white ranunculas. They are so clean and fresh, but all of those petal layers add an element of lushness. I also thought they had a softness that mirrored the flowers at the neck of my dress.
All pics taken by Sarah Sloboda

Our Rings

Our rings are just lovely. I made the ceramic piece to nestle them in moss.

My ring was custom made by Hannah Clark. AC's is a Marian Maurier band from the Clay Pot.

Okay, I'll Stop reading and worrying about the election!

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