The Favors

In one of my first posts I wrote about Breezy Hill Orchard. AC and I have gone there many falls to pick apples. We couldn't think of anything better to send our guests home with. When I called up, Elizabeth Ryan (the owner), she said the pears and plums were sublime too. So, we decided on a local fruit medley with a canvas tote as send-offs. The favors were all wrapped up the burlap sacks, so Sarah (our photographer) didn't get a picture of one of the totes. I took one tonight- we used the design on the back of our Save the Date. We attached mini Moo cards to each burlap bag. The cards had pictures of AC, Molly, and me with a message "Andy and Christina love you" on the back.


Anonymous said...

hello! i don't know if you still check this blog. i just discovered your wedding and it's blowing my mind because so many of your ideas are things I've been mulling over- the animal placecards, the moss! I love your photos.

I also was thinking about really simple tote bags printed with a design we make, but I can't figure out how to do it and not spend a ton. Do you have any suggestions? where did you make your tote bags?

THank you!!! Jocie

cdm said...

So... making personalized tote bags. I found a place that made tote bags in bulk. There are a lot of them- they business promotion supplies (pens, cozies, etc). I used 4 All Promos because they were located close by in Connecticut, and I highly recommend them. You send them a pdf of your design and they make a plate to print on the bags you choose (ranging from $2-7/bag). I don't remember exactly how much the cost is to make the plate ($75?). It can be affrodable if you choose a cheaper bag.
Also, fellow blogger (not just wedding blogger!) Thoughtful Day makes great customized affordable totes. Erica is great- her website is

I hope this helps, if you need more detail let me know!

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