Our Photographer, Part 1

AC and I were once eloping. We were going to cross the East River and head to Central Park with Molly. Afterwards, we were planning to walk to the Time Warner Center for dinner at Per Se.

I did want to have fabulous announcements made with a book of photos and send them to everyone possible. I remembered my friend Mike's wedding pictures were amazing and captured everything without it seeming contrived- he used Sarah Sloboda. I emailed her and later called her to work out the details. We talked for 2 hours! It was a good sign in my book.

We then decided to have a wedding- with less than 9 months to plan!

I informed Sarah of our ...uhhh... change in plans. She rolled with it. We love her work- check out her website. The picture below is one of hers- please ask her if you can use it.

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Thanks, C! And welcome to the world of blogging. :D

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