Dress Mess... All Cleaned Up

Most planning (after the guest list) has been relatively simple. So much of the details are taken care of by Blue Hill at Stone Barns. This part is truly a wedding dream come true. Then there is the search for my dress. So many brides blogging online have had an easy time of it. I didn't.

I did the bridal salon thing at Pronovias trying on fabulous Manuel Mota dresses. They were all dreamy, I just did not feel like me and did feel exactly like an anonymous bride. These also started at $3,000. I wasn't prepared for this.

Then I figured if I was going to spend thousands of dollars, why not go to Barney's and buy a great gown. Those started at $5000.

At this point I decided to go with just the opposite. Something affordable. I spoke with Chrissy at Wai-ching out of Seattle (super nice). I ended up not committing because the dress would all be made via mail. She has great dresses though.

Then I found a dress at BCBG, bought it. Took it to my fabulous seamstress to possibly add a train. I just did not feel bridal enough, and THEN it came out in a variety of colors and lengths. This made it even harder to commit to. I was in hell and everyone I knew thought I was flakey. A few days ago, A $10,000 Wedding blogged about this dress- comments came from anotherbride-to-be who also bought the dress with similar sentiments (so I felt a little better...). (Picture from bcbg.com)

At this point, I needed serious help. I dragged a good friend, Stacey, through all of this. She still came through and went to what she referred to as "The Mothership". We went to Vera Wang. I bought my dress... love it... and I am finally comitted. (pics below not my dress but from verawang.com)

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