Blue Hill at Stone Barns

AC and I have lived in NYC together now for 8 years. Most of this time we have been lucky enough to own a car. We take trips galore up to the Hudson Valley and the Catskills for day hikes, long weekends, and fresh air- our dog Molly loves it too.

We love good food. We had eaten at Blue Hill in the city and really liked what chef Dan Barber was all about; sustainable, local food.

We looked at Blue Hill at Stone Barns for these 2 reasons in particular. Our first visit there was on a very cold Saturday. The sheep were kept in a shelter so they could have access to water that wouldn't freeze. We gave them a little visit and finalized our decision to have our wedding here.


Anonymous said...

Great location! I'm considering it as well. Will your party be staying in the area? If so, do you have any recommendations for hotels/b&bs in the area? Thanks!

cdm said...

Hey, I know of so many great places around there... e-mail me at and I can give you the hotels I have listed.

Anonymous said...

I was married at Blue Hill, Stone Barns in May and it was amazing. The beauty, the food, the service - awesome. Our guests stayed at Tarrytown House Estate, which I highly recommend. It's has beautiful, sprawling grounds and a great brunch buffet. I don't think they have elevators, so you may want to keep that in mind for guest who'd prefer the 1st floor.

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