When it Rains, it Pours

I was not happy about it torrential rain storming on AC and I's big day, but it was our day.  The rain made our day.  I have been asked many times... where did we get our pretty umbrellas?
Bella Umbrella will rent you a beautiful vintage umbrella for your rainy weather wedding.  She is located in Seattle (of course), but the process couldn't be easier.
Farms and forests need the rain too.
Who knows if this is the last post or not.  I keep thinking this blog has ended, but your emails, questions, and stories keep me posting occasionally.  Our third anniversary is around the corner...

Wedding Cake Toppers, and Keepsakes

pics above and below from The Small Object
Hello Brides!  Just a quick update!
Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object has chosen a Craven Home (my post-wedding endeavor) porcelain wood slice to place her gorgeous wedding toppers on ... check it out.  Her cake toppers can be personalized, down to the furriest member of the family.  She also does cupcake toppers too!  I will be posting again tomorrow with the answer to one of my most asked questions.

Happy planning everyone- please keep emailing me!

A quick check in with the brides-to-be!

Hello Everyone,

I check in here when I have a wedding worthy post that is relevant to AFFW.

I wrote about this on my current bog, Craven Home, which has been chronicling my postnuptual life in ceramics and food.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns has a new ceramic artist creating their dinnerware. It is so wonderful to see that chose someone whose aesthetics mirror what I chose for our wedding there. Have a look for yourself. And if you are getting married there... how wonderful to have such beautiful handmade dinnerware to compliment the food. A very thoughtful combination.

Oh, and have a look at this stunning wedding dress.

Happy Wedding everyone!

Where am I now??

Hello AFFW readers,

I have to say I keep getting emails and questions about my wedding and this blog. SO THANKS FOR READING!!! Keep all of your questions coming.

I thought I was "over" weddings, but I'm not. I will be at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday, July 17th, sharing a table with Small world Terrariums, aka Tanesha Smith-Wattley. We both are doing centerpieces for tables (terrariums and handcrafted ceramics) and I am now making ceramic favors for weddings- so if you are in the area- stop by and say HI!

The End?

I loved planning my wedding so much. I will probably not post after this, but PLEASE e-mail me with any questions... I love talking "wedding"! And please visit my new blog, Craven Home.

A little update

March 2010...
Style Me Pretty covered a wedding at Blue Hill recently. Look closely at the pictures...our invitation design is in the mix! An AFFW reader asked me if she could use our design for her own Blue Hill wedding. It was so wonderful to have our invitations live on.

It looks like it was a gorgeous wedding... more pictures taken by Erik Ekroth in the Style Me Pretty post here. Congrats again K and J!

Starting Fresh

The blog-o-sphere coverage of our wedding has been wonderful:

City Lady Country Girl- a newer blog that is FULL of eye candy!


Sloboda's Weddings

Green Wedding Shoes

and last but not least, one of my favorite bloggers....
Thoughtful Day

Now that I have had a wonderful and restful break (almost 9 months- wow!), I am moving forward and "nesting".

Craven Home is where I will be posting my inspiration and documenting my new endeavour- a teeny tiny ceramics business. Mostly an Etsy shop (to be up soon!). I am hoping I can provide very simple, affordable, and functional ceramics for the home, as well as events.

This adventure would not have started if I was not inspired to create for my own wedding by all of the amazing talent blogging out there (see my blog line-up). To all of you ladies, THANK YOU!
Please continue to ask any questions about A Farm Fresh Wedding and see what is new with me over at Craven Home.

The Second to Last Post--- our honeymoon

In response to a few email requests for a honeymoon post...

We were just so busy with wedding planning, that we just wanted something sweet and simple for our honeymoon. Not to mention, travelling in September is a little difficult with hurricane season, mini monsoons in the east, major muslim holidays, etc.

We went to Puerto Rico.

A quick stop in San Juan.
Then a small road trip to Rincon.

In Rincon, we stayed at the most amazing place, The Horned Dorset.

Then we were off to Vieques via a 20 minute puddle jumper flight - where it rained and rained... but it made for a cozy time, EMPTY beaches, and wet horses (which are roaming freely everywhere)!

We loved it.

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